From Rodos to Kamiros

Rodos (Rhodes Town)We spent the second week in Rodos (Rhodes) in the North of the island. And after a suitable amount of time resting and baking in the sun, we ventured to Rodos town — the island’s capital. We also popped westwards to the ancient ruin of Kamiros. It was roughly a 45 minute drive from Rodos to Kamiros. Rhodes isn’t very big.

Palace of the Grand Master, Rhodes

Besides the aged eclectic architecture and tourist haunts of Rodos, Probably the highlight is the Palace of the Grand Masters of Rhodes. It’s a big castle in good nick, and well worth a visit. Otherwise, Rhodes isn’t likely to be on your top ten list of places to visit. Nice enough though.

Kameiros and the Turkish Coast

I guess I’ve been spoilt by the Cretan antiquities of Knosos and Phaistos. Kamiros is more of a map of an ancient town, drawn out by the low remnants of walls. It is in a pretty spectacular location though. You can see the South coast of Turkey quite clearly in the distance.

Funnily enough, I expected this. I had visited South West Turkey six years earlier, and was convinced that I could see the island of Rhodes out to sea.

Kameiros Ruins, Rhodes

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