From Asklipio to Monolithos

Asklipio, RhodesI visited the Greek island of Rodos (Rhodes) with my family last year. We spent a day travelling from Asklipio to Monolithos, in the South of the island. We made a couple of acquaintances from Asklipio at a party in Gennadi, where we were staying. They urged us to go and have a look. I’m glad we did, because we got amazing views of the surrounding landscape from the ruined castle at the top of the hill.

Monolithos Tree, Rhodes

So, we set off for the shrines of Monolithos, expecting a few interesting views of the coast. We got much more than we bargained for. Right from the outset, we were greeted by literally thousands of hand-made stone stacks, a few inches high. Visiting tourists, like ourselves, had presumably built them, in order to feel included. They carpeted the whole area, from the road to the cliffs. We made a few too.

Monolithos Sunset, Rhodes

We got there in a panic. The light was starting to fade, and we wanted to get a good look before it went dark. Fortunately, this meant that we managed to catch the sunset, which was pretty good as sunsets go.

Monolithos Chapel, Rhodes

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