Thoroughly Modern Toulouse

Modern Toulouse city street

Thoroughly modern Toulouse turned out to be the most up-to-the-minute place I visited in France this time around. But where do you go when you’ve only got two hours until you have to be to the airport, and you’re starving? Well, food has got to be done, no question, and I ate at a lovely busy crêperie in Saint Georges square. What did I have? A salad, of course.

Toulouse sculpture

The crêperie was close to the Musée des Augustins, a smart classical art gallery on Rue de Metz, which constituted the cultural section of this short visit. I intellectually stroked my chin with quiet admiration as I hurtled past the exhibits at a barely respectful speed.

Toulouse art gallery

… and lovely it was too. But the highlight of the whistle-stop trip were the streets of Toulouse themselves. Smart yet edgy; distinguished yet trendy; old yet modern. I loved it, and was sad to be leaving so soon. Oh well … maybe next time. Au revoir, la France! Whoosh!

Toulouse scooter and graffiti

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