Dene Village

Dene Village 1

Sometimes it’s good to have a travel guide. I’m talking about the paper type. Even though Edinburgh is a place I’ve visited several times, it’s nice to get another person’s point of view. Our travel guide suggested Dene Village. Dene? Never heard of it. What is it?

Dene was a hive of industry many years ago. The river water powered several mills, and the area was thriving. But, like many mills in the UK, its time passed, and the work moved elsewhere.

Dene Village 2

Eventually, the village fell into depression, and it was absorbed into Edinburgh. Then, like many old industrial centres in the UK, it became quaint and money was pumped into restoration. Now it’s a positively trendy spot, and prime sought-after residences fill this tranquil oasis not far from the centre of Scotland’s capital.

Dene Village 3

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