Sunsets at Soline

Sunsets at Soline 1

Sunsets are easy pickings. The sunsets at Soline, to the south of Dubrovnik, were visible over the Elaphite Islands and the Adriatic sea. All I had to do was sit there, with my bowl of crisps and glass of wine, and take a photo every other evening. No effort involved.

Sunsets at Soline 2

It could be said that no two sunsets are the same, and that the light and weather conditions will make each photograph unique. But that’s really overplaying the ability to just be there at the right time, with a cool beverage and some hors d’oeuvres.

Sunsets at Soline 3

We had plenty of great sunsets on the Dalmatian coast, on account of the interesting weather: it was hot, humid and there were plenty of heavy showers to break up the steamy days. But now I’m just rubbing it in. If it’s any consolation, the air conditioning wasn’t very good, and the beaches were so pebbly it was like accidentally standing on dice in your bare feet.

Sunsets at Soline 4

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