Dubrovnik Leisure

Dubrovnik Leisure Watching the Boats from the port restaurants

Dropping any pretence at ‘travel photography’, I continue my tour of Dubrovnik in search of pleasure (with an emphasis in Dubrovnik Leisure). Because, no matter how historical the places I visit, I am usually there with my family to enjoy ourselves.

If the Game of Thrones Tour wasn’t enough, there was lots of exploring, dining, drinking, swimming and sunbathing to be had. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Dubrovnic Leisure Port boat rides

Despite Dubrovnik’s relatively small size, when compared with some European cities, there was plenty on offer, and much of it water-based, as you can imagine from an ancient sea port.

Dubrovnik Leisure Boating in the Adriatic

Lots of people had taken advantage of the ports’ facilities and spent their time cruising around the Elaphite islands and the Adriatic coast. That is when they could be arsed, and weren’t parked-up and sunbathing or sleeping the day off.

Some enterprising souls even utilised a hole in the substantial city wall, in order to provide access to a big bar on the rocks. Maybe this is where the phrase came from.

Dubrovnik Leisure Drinking on the Rocks outside the Wall

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