Deserted Jetty on a Lake

Deserted jetty on a lake in Canada

The ‘Deserted Jetty on a Lake’ is a photographic cliché, just like the ‘Large Pebbles/Rocks on a Shore at Sunset’ and the ‘Interesting Tree and Landscape‘. So, I apologise. In my defence, the lake isn’t frozen because I used a very dense filter and tripod to produce a long exposure; no, it’s frozen because it was flippin’ cold. This is Canada, and outdoor water stays frozen for months every year. I’m guessing this is why they are so keen on Ice Hockey.

2 thoughts on “Deserted Jetty on a Lake

  1. Paul Richards

    What a pleasure to see the images on your blog. The standard is up there with the professionals.
    The information you give also helps us normal mortals to understand some of the technical things that happen behind the scenes. I look forward to reading more on how things work. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  2. Keith

    Thanks, Paul!
    I’ve been stuck inside by a combination of catching up and poor weather since returning from Canada. Hopefully, I can remedy this soon. I’ve certainly got a photo or two from my Lancashire break, but I need to get out and about in Yorkshire again, or I’ll have to change the title of the website!

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