The One that Got Away

Owl, less than impressed

Ever since I started making prints and cards available to the public, I have revisited my photo archive several times. I’m glad I did, because I have found several photo gems which I’d passed over the first time around.

Penguin Mafia

I guess that some of the images which have subsequently appeared have been chosen because of the reactions I have seen from people looking through my stock. Often, it’s the animal photos which get the biggest smiles. And who am I to discourage smiling?


Some of my recent discoveries go back to shoots from over ten years ago. It’s nice to have a fresh pair of eyes, and bit more experience under the belt, when working on these images.


Actually, subjects which I thought that nobody would appreciate have become popular with the locals. I never thought that a photo of a derelict train carriage would ever make a nice card…

Red House

…or a photo of a few people playing golf at the seaside would go down well with the local stripey trouser brigade.

Dunes Golf

But, I guess it’s the animals which has provided the biggest surprise. I’d never have figured that photographs of cows would be such a big hit. It’s a good job that I’ve photographed so many animals over the years.

Elephant Eye

On the other hand, subjects which I’d assumed would be popular have had limited appeal. Only a couple of my floral photographs have done well. I’m not complaining. I’d rather look at the real thing, too. I don’t blame you.


So, as I continue to try to work out what it is that people like, and what I want to achieve with my photos, I march onwards to another street market. There will be some new photos from the archives. Maybe I’ll retire a few photos. Maybe I’ll discover a new facet to the locals’ tastes…

Roman Angel

…maybe someone will ask for a big print for their wall. I guess that’s always the part I like best. What bigger compliment is there than having your work on display in someone’s own home?

Heatons Divide

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