Miscellany: Trees at Lyme Park

Sometimes I struggle with the miscellany of photographs which I collect from different places. In December last year (yes, I’m that behind), I took the family to Lyme Park in Cheshire and to Holywood in Northern Ireland. Neither places are particularly photogenic, but both locations provided odd images which sit unloved on my hard drive.

Lyme Park is a National Trust property. Although we’re fully paid-up members, the National Trust is not keen on us using photographs taken on its property. So, if you like the trees photo, tough, you can’t buy it. Just pinch the photo, and leave the watermark intact.

I first went to Holywood (pronounced “Hollywood”) 25 years ago, in an alcohol-induced haze. Already well into our ‘festivities’, I thought the name of our destination was a joke. But, sure enough, we really did go to Holywood. It was the first and last time I’ve ever seen someone dancing on a pub table.

Here we see the speck of the Cairnryan–Belfast sea ferry, across the loch from Holywood. It’s quite startling how much wake these ferries throw up on the shore. I once had to grab a child and leg-it away from the sandcastles to avoid the 4ft wave, as the HSS cruised past Helen’s Bay.

Wake from Sea Ferry at Holywood

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