Waiting for Summer

Waiting for summer: Another Place on Crosby beach

In all the time I lived in Liverpool, I never visited Crosby beach. And since I moved away, I learned that sculptor Antony Gormley had created a work of art called ‘Another Place’, consisting of 100 life-size cast iron figures, which had been given a permanent home there. After my trip to Freshfield, further up the Merseyside coast, I decided that now was the time to visit this intriguing sculpture. The figures face out to sea on the long gradually sloping sands, and are in various stages of rusting and encrustment with sea creatures. And all around, there are traces of industry and wind power generation. It’s an amazing place.

One thought on “Waiting for Summer

  1. donald crabtree

    This photo looks eerie. How fascinating. I just wish it had put in more figures closer together. But, I suppose some clever dick could do wonders with layers and clone tool.

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