Blundellsands—Another Place

Another Place at Blundellsands

After our abortive day trip to Southport, we plumped for the safe bet of Blundellsands, at nearby Crosby. It was here, a couple of years ago, that I first saw Antony Gormley’s Another Place, a series of iron statues on the beach, collecting rust and barnacles with the passing of time. It was still windy, but sunny.

We had the added bonus of a junk food kiosk on the promenade, as well as a bit more to do on the beach, besides looking for shells. The beach at Blundellsands is a lot more photogenic, so I sprang into action with my camera, and tried to find a nice angle to incorporate the sculptures into the landscape.

Blundellsands Wind Farm

The weather also obliged by being a bit more interesting, as you can see above. Fortunately, the more interesting bits stayed out to sea, while we ate more chips with gravy and drank lukewarm fizzy pop.

Whilst trying my best to capture the light, I was constantly distracted by the bizarre sight in my peripheral vision. Someone was attempting to simultaneously fly a dazzling number and variety of kites on the grassy bank by the promenade. Most of the kites were far more elaborate than you might normally see alone. Hats off to that person!

Blundellsands Kite Runner

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