The End of the Mersey

The end of the Mersey river near Stockport

Most people associate the river Mersey with Liverpool—I certainly do, I lived there for four years. But, since moving to the South Manchester area, I have discovered that it ends all the way over in Stockport, to the east. And the Mersey marks the southern border of historic Lancashire. The end of the Mersey is the start of the Tame and the Goyt rivers (or is it the other way around?).

So, although I now find myself in Greater Manchester, my home would have been in Lancashire at the time I was born. Those unfamiliar with the metropolitanisation of 1974 would have thought that this was confusing enough, but many of the locals (and officials) think I live in Cheshire, because that’s where our town council is based.

Derelict bridge on the Mersey near Stockport

So, what do I tell people, when asked in which county do I live? Well, if I was trying to appear sophisticated, I could nonchalantly declare ‘Cheshire, sir/madam’. If I wanted to seem edgy, I could claim ‘Manchostaaah’ (the official pronunciation), and if I wanted to be patriotic (and delusional), I would say ‘Lancashire’, which, of course, is pronounced Lankishure.

2 thoughts on “The End of the Mersey

  1. John Sibbald

    I think the Mersey ‘starts’ in Stockport and ends in the Irish Seas….also you could say you live in Greater Manchester or simply (the colloquial) ‘Stockport Area’ – I prefer Lancashire – where Manchester is!

  2. Keith Nuttall Post author

    Funnily enough, the last couple of online address forms I’ve completed didn’t even have a Greater Manchester option. And a friend recently told me that Greater Manchester doesn’t exist any more. I hope they add an option for The Twilight Zone.

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