Some of the Buildings of Manchester

1 The Avenue, Spinningfields

One of the reasons I like walking around cities is because of the architecture. Whilst not being the most amazing city I’ve seen, some of the buildings of Manchester are certainly iconic.

To its credit, Manchester isn’t like some cities which rely on a rich heritage. Manchester is a thriving city, which is continually evolving. And this is evident by the number of cranes you see in any one visit.

Great Northern (Warehouse and Tower)

As well as the restoration jobs to famous old buildings, like the Great Northern Warehouse and Central Station — seen in many towns and cities in the UK — Manchester is seeing more than its fair share of dramatic new builds too.

Glass and Steel (Beetham Tower and Upper Campfield Market)

The most obvious of these is the Beetham Tower. It dominates the Manchester landscape with its disturbing overhang and sail. It’s not exactly pretty, but you’re not going to forget it in a hurry.

Peveril Of The Peak, Bridgewater Street

And if all the glass and steel isn’t to your taste, there are quite a few more traditional establishments, for the conservative palate.

Manchester Central Library

Manchester city council even restored the old tram service, bringing it into the city centre. It’s this mixture of grand traditional ideas and edgy contemporary ideas which makes Manchester a pleasure to explore. You never know what’s around the corner.

St Peter's Square Tram Stop

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