Reddish Vale

Reddish Vale: Brecon Towers

My new home patch is sadly lacking in wild green spaces. It’s a real effort to get out into the middle of nowhere, because Greater Manchester is such a big built-up place.  Fortunately, Reddish Vale provides some escape—although it could hardly be described as being in the middle of nowhere.

Reddish Vale Country Park is an area of parkland and forest surrounding wetland, the river Tame and the railway viaduct, stretching from Reddish to Brinnington, out across the picturesque M60 motorway towards Denton.

Reddish Vale: Bullrushes

I’ve definitely been spoilt living in Yorkshire for the last 25 years; the trail across the motorway was pretty unpleasant. But I’ve found that recreational walking isn’t so popular in this neck of the woods, so it’s relatively easy to get away from people—not that I’ve got anything against them, you understand.

So, I should count myself lucky that there is a place nearby where I can go for a walk away from roads and houses.  Well, no.  Councillors have just approved plans to redevelop part of Brinnington and build 70 new houses in Reddish Vale.  It seems that there’s no getting away from human stupidity.

Reddish Vale Viaduct

2 thoughts on “Reddish Vale

  1. Meks Librarian

    It does not only seem that there is no getting away from human stupidity – there is simply no getting away from humans as such. There are so many of us on this tiny planet!
    The pictures, especially the last one, are beautiful.
    Of the Greater Manchester area, I only know those bits the Transpennine “Express” runs through, when I am on my annual trip to see the family in Yorkshire. I get on the train directly at Manchester Airport, change in Leeds to a regional train and then get off in Harrogate, where I am either picked up by my sister-in-law or take the bus to Ripon.
    When the train leaves Manchester and the very much built-up surrounding area, that is the moment when I feel my holiday truly begins!

  2. Keith Nuttall Post author

    Thanks for your comments.
    There is space not too far away, I just have to push my way through thousands of people in South Manchester to get to it. I could do with a souped-up snow plough.

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