Didsbury Floodplain

Didsbury Floodplain: Fletcher Moss park

While looking for potential homes, before our Yorkshire exodus, I looked at houses near the river Mersey, but was a bit nervous. I found a government website which showed just how much rivers flooded nearby land. The Didsbury floodplain did indeed stretch perilously close to some of the southernmost streets. There goes my dream of living near a river.

Didsbury Floodplain: The Mersey

My dream house was a semi-rural cottage with a fully-equipped recording studio basement and a river passing the end of a luxurious lawn. I guess I would have bought it with the royalties from my multi-platinum-selling albums which don’t exist.

Still, we’ve got to dream, haven’t we. Do our dreams become more realistic as we get older? More attainable? I’ll let you know when I sell my 100th limited print.

Didsbury Floodplain: Mersey Sunset

3 thoughts on “Didsbury Floodplain

  1. Meks Librarian

    Especially the second picture is breathtakingly beautiful.

    Good idea to look at maps before making a decision about where to live! I often wonder whether people have been blind, deaf and daft when they chose a place to live, only to later complain about the “noise” from church bells, or aircraft (when they moved near an airport), or floods when they moved near a river.

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