Castlefield Bridges, Manchester

Castlefield is a regenerated district of central Manchester. Not only was it an industrial transport hub, being the terminus of the Bridgewater Canal, but it was once the site of a Roman castle (hence the name). Of course, like all former northern industrial sites, it was left to rot, before it was saved from rust and gravity.

Castlefield Footbridge, Manchester

Nowadays, Castlefield is a trendy place to eat and drink. It’s not far from Deansgate and its railway station, the Museum of Science and Industry, and, if you had a good imagination, not far from the Haçienda.

Castlefield Canals, Manchester

The area has its seedy side too. Under the railway bridges, down by the canal is probably not the sort of place you want to hang around alone after dark. I was there with friends, and it was quite fortuitous that we were there after dark. But more on that another time.

Castlefield Graffiti, Manchester

Once you venture back up to street level. You are usually greeted with a sight of the Beetham Tower. This unusual building (the tallest residential building in the UK) is known locally as The Hilton. I’m told that the glass vane on the top of the skyscraper hums a note on windy days.

Beetham Tower AKA The Hilton, Manchester

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