Bridgewater Canal

Worsley Iron Footbridge over the Bridgewater Canal

I must admit, the name Worsley never filled me with anticipation. I’ve driven past the exit on the M62 hundreds of times, but recently I finally used it to visit the town. I was doubtful that it would be one of the best ideas anyone ever had, but you never know. I downloaded a Salford District tourist guide for the area, describing a circular walk starting by the Bridgewater Canal. It took me over a very picturesque iron footbridge and a quaint village green—the sort on which you should be watching a game of cricket whilst sipping lukewarm ale. The weather was sunny but cold, and the ground wasn’t quite as squelchy as it had been.

Old Warke Dam, Worsley

Walking through woodland, I stopped at the jetty of the Old Warke Dam. A remnant of an industrial age, it now provided an attractive vista for some posh-looking houses. This sort of architecture is now becoming very familiar since leaving Yorkshire. Earthy-looking stone houses are a distant memory, and I am now surrounded by different flavours of brick and mock-Tudor houses. I’m warming to it.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was the late lunch in the swanky restaurant in the town. All I wanted was tea and cake, but I ended up with the heavy cutlery.

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