Fleetwood Shipwrecks

Fleetwood Shipwrecks 1

The perfect antidote to photographing herons was to visit the Fleetwood shipwrecks. These knackered old boats were abandoned on estuary mudflats, near a ultra-modern looking new housing estate. It was a bit of a strange contrast. I’m not sure how the local residents feel about their “view”.

Fleetwood Shipwrecks 2

Some of my nature-loving photographer friends were somewhat confused about how (or even why) to go about photographing these naval corpses. Presumably, the problem was a lack of feathers, or movement.

Fleetwood Shipwrecks 3

I was enjoying it. I made the most of our visit, and was jumping all over the mudflats, like some sort of nerd hobbit. My enthusiasm started to wane once I realised why it was called “mudflats”, and I sank into the ground up to my calves a couple of times. Maybe this is why the boats were stuck too?

Fleetwood Shipwrecks 4

Luckily, I was able to escape, and I continued looking for perfect angles from which to take my arty photos. I could imagine them already: all grungy and nasty… a Photoshop extravaganza.

Once I recovered from my trance-like state, I saw a gaggle of bored photographers looking at their watches. Oh well, off to see some more birds.

Fleetwood Shipwrecks 5

2 thoughts on “Fleetwood Shipwrecks

  1. Steve Proctor

    It’s an interesting place and I’ve just been myself. I’m now trying to find out the names of the boats.

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