Lake Buttermere

Snow in Buttermere, Cumbria

“Let’s go away at half term!” was the idea. Brilliant. Why not? We deserve a couple of days away from it. “Let’s not go too far though. We don’t want to spend the whole time travelling.” Wise words. Where’s nice, and not too far? “I know! Let’s go to the Lake District. Lake Buttermere is supposed to be good.”

Lake Buttermere, Cumbria

And so it is. The photographs I’ve seen paint a picture of dramatic hillsides and tall trees lining the water’s edge. But there was one important detail missed from this brilliant plan, and it’s the reason for the good number of deep and beautiful lakes. Who would have thought that, at the end of February, it might rain in the Lake District?

House on Buttermere Shore

And rain it did. A lot. Still, a photographer must see the glass half full, and, between downpours, I made the most of the brooding clouds and snow-capped mountains. Although, I must say, that pub menu and fireplace started to look more enticing by the minute.

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