Goodbye, Buttermere!

Cumbrian Café. Goodybye, Buttermere!

Two days after our arrival, it was time to say “Goodbye, Buttermere! So long, and thanks for all the rain.” We had once holidayed in France, where we camped by a lake in an isolated wet weather pattern for two days. We had started to get déjà vu.

Strangely enough, once we’d left Buttermere and headed up the valley towards Keswick, the sun came out. No one said it, but we were all thinking it. Was it really sunny everywhere else? Had we literally just spent a two day holiday under a rain cloud? Is this where they got the idea for the cartoons?

Rainy Day at Derwent Water, Keswick

Keswick was much bigger and more impressive than I remembered. We spent a good couple of hours wandering around good quality shops and popped down to Derwent Water. That’s the next Cumbrian holiday sorted.

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