Crummock Water and Mellbreak

Rocky path by Mellbreak, Crummock Water

So, what does one do in The Lakes, and it’s lashing it down with rain? Stay indoors and keep warm? Or how about a seven mile walk by Crummock Water and Mellbreak? It had been persistently raining most of the morning, but it suddenly stopped, and the sky seemed to brighten by the minute. We chose the latter option.

By the time we parked up in Loweswater, it was looking promising. We decided to ignore the weather forecast, and set off towards the large hill of Mellbreak, which rests against the western shore of the very Northern-sounding Crummock Water. As we got higher, we started to feel the bite of the wind.

Approaching Crummock Water from Mellbreak

Over an hour into the walk, we approached the turn around the south side of Mellbreak and headed towards Scale Force and Scale Beck. It started to rain. The ground around Scale Beck seemed to exhibit the same properties as chocolate cake underfoot. Fortunately, any mud collected on our boots was soon washed off by large areas of standing water.

Scale Force, near Crummock Water, Cumbria

As we approached Scale Force, the rain was back to a normal torrent. We briefly stopped to admire the largest waterfall in the Lake District. But, for some reason, we didn’t feel like lingering, and pressed on up the shore of Crummock Water.

Rainy Crummock Water, Cumbria

I was impressed with the water-retardant properties of my hikers’ socks, which kept my feet warm, despite the strange squelching sensation I nonetheless experienced on the return leg. I’d set out wearing jeans, holey hiking boots and a ski jacket. Please don’t try this at home. Still, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Or so Nietzsche claimed.

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