The Views from Teggs Nose

Jodrell Bank views from Teggs Nose
Teggs Nose Country Park is situated between Macclesfield and Macclesfield Forest. The views from Teggs Nose hill on a clear day are well worth the trip. There are plenty of good hikes in the area too, taking in the reservoirs, the forest and the rural life. If you’re good, you can even treat yourself to tea and cake in the park’s visitors’ centre afterwards.

If it’s a clear day, the first thing you’ll notice, once you climb to the peak, is Jodrell Bank radio telescope.

Teggs Nose Reservoirs
You can tell that you’re in East Cheshire because, to the West, you can see miles of flat Cheshire plain, and to the East you can see the beginnings of the Peak District.

Teggs Nose Countryside
In between, there is lots of lovely meadows and cottages to feat your eyes and camera upon.

A Path Down from Teggs Nose
Unfortunately, the descent into the valley below is matched by the climb back up to the car park. Still, there’s always that cake!

A Reservoir from Teggs Nose

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