The Country Life

Country Life: Curious Cows

Many of us occasionally hanker after the country life, living away from the noise, crowds and smell of busy towns and cities. I must admit that I do too, although I soon remember that there are plenty of advantages to living in the thick of it. My new home in the North West may not have as many green spaces and such proximity to a National Park as my last home in Yorkshire, but it’s not impossible to get away from the city in under 30 minutes from shutting my front door.

Walking near the village of Dunham in Cheshire, you certainly feel like you’ve escaped the concrete and brick walls of Manchester. Things are greener, quieter, calmer. This is cow country, and you’re as likely to give way to a tractor as a car. The footwear of choice is the green Welly, but it’s an expensive shiny Welly.

Country Life: Transport

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