Stockport at Night

Stockport at Night: Town Centre

I photographed Stockport at night with my photographer friends, one chilly evening in January. We’d gone armed with tripods and knuckle dusters, in case things got tough. But the biggest nuisance of the evening was the gaggle of camera nerds blocking the town’s pavements.

I was surprised how quiet Stockport was on a Tuesday evening. There was hardly anyone around. It was just like Bradford on any night of the week. This meant that we weren’t likely to be doing any edgy street photography. So it’s just as well that there wasn’t enough light.

Stockport at Night: The Town Hall

So, armed with my old not quite mint tripod, I tried a few architectural shots, and embraced the town centre traffic, which seemed to be creating a few interesting patterns.

Stockport at Night: The Memorial Art Gallery

Some of us ventured down to the shopping precinct, where some people were loitering about with suspiciously little to occupy themselves. Still, it’s not against the law to be idle. And, if anything, the occasional police patrol seemed more interested those of us with the cameras.

“What are you doing?” they asked. “Taking photographs,” we explained, rather obviously. They seemed happy with this and left us alone. I’m not sure what they thought we were doing with our cameras and tripods.

Stockport at Night: The Plaza

4 thoughts on “Stockport at Night

  1. Meks Librarian

    These are good (but then you know that already, of course) – and good night shots aren’t all that easy.

  2. faost

    Funny, Stockport hasn’t changed nearly as much as Manchester has. I keep expecting Buxton to join the h century, but it never seems to happen.

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