Stag of the Herd

Stag of the Herd

Back in Tatton Park for some fresh air, I soon became aware that rutting season was well under way. The stag of the herd was on look out.  There were quite a few herds in the park, and I was quite happy to keep my distance, unlike some of the other visitors, who seemed to have a death wish.

Having watched a bit of Attenborough on telly recently, I deduced that the stags’ impressive antlers are there for the sole purpose of keeping large harems to themselves.  Greedy.  No wonder the first stag I saw looked knackered.

Stag Watches over Herd

Later on, I passed another herd, being closely monitored by their stag.  There seemed to be another herd close by, without a stag.  Soon enough, I worked out that it was a splinter group.  I knew this because the stag made a dash for it, and we were on his route.  I suggested that our stragglers caught up, pronto, or risk some unplanned piercings.

Doe Deer trotting past

On the way back to the car, this deer nonchalantly passed us in the opposite direction.  I thought they were more timid than this.  I half expected it to say “Evening!” as it went past.

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