More Travels in Cheshire

More travels in Cheshire: Moody Chester Church
…Yes, we are having more travels in Cheshire. And no trip to Cheshire is complete without a visit to the county town of Chester itself. Chester, like any ‘ester’, is a former Roman settlement. And we all know that includes treats such as fortifications and walls, old cathedrals, the odd amphitheatre, a few random American and Japanese tourists, and maybe some well-weathered statues. Chester has its fair share of medieval buildings too.

Cheshire Three-horned Sheep

And not all rural animals are cows either. Here we have a three-horned dog-sheep, indigenous to Cheshire. They are particularly fond of having their photograph taken, as you can see.

Lamaload Reservoir

And not all Cheshire is flat. Here, you can see a distinct valley in Lamaload, containing a reservoir. You could almost be excused for thinking this was Yorkshire, except it’s far too organised.

Prestbury Tree

And it’s not all fields and hedgerows. Okay, it mostly is. Sorry, I was getting carried away there for a minute!

Redesmere Sunset

I suppose one of the perks of Cheshire being so flat and featureless is the big skies and the sunsets. You certainly can’t complain about feeling hemmed-in and claustrophobic.

Which Way?

Another advantage of living in the North West’s wealthiest county is the high standard of public services. This include the Highways Division and its exemplary attitude towards signage.

Even the horses maintain a high standard of appearance. This one has gone to that little bit extra effort. I think we can all learn something from the people (and animals) of Cheshire.

Victorian Horse

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