Moo! Baa! — More Farm Animals

Cow Band Photo

I honestly never thought it would come to this. It was bad enough, when I had a fox earth in my garden, to become known as the bloke who photographs foxes. Now, it seems, I am becoming known as the guy who photographs cows and sheep.

Poseur Cow

It’s not exactly Wildlife Photographer of the Year material, is it. I’m not purchasing a 3-month return ticket to Patagonia, in search of the rare White Leopard. These farm animals are bloody everywhere in Cheshire.

Hope Valley Sheep

Still, anyone who’s lived in Manchester might appreciate that it’s not exactly coming down with nature. And the nearest a lot of Mancs come to cows and sheep is the fridge aisle in Tesco.


So, here’s my tribute to the domesticated farm animals of the North West. I’ve come across these cheeky characters in my country walks over the last few months.

Can You Do This?

Some of them exhibit great skills. Some are noble. Some are just very cute.

Contrasting Lambs

And some are very curious indeed.

Curious Cows 2 - The Friesians

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