Fields of Cheshire

A Yellow Field of Cheshire

If you’ve been following this photo blog, you may have spotted a recent pattern: there are a lot of fields in East Cheshire. At least the fields of Cheshire seem to be put to good use. At the very least I have seen wheat, corn and cows throughout the summer. So, I think we’ll be alright for food, if we ever go back to the Dark Ages.

I’m not sure I’ve mastered the art of photographing farmland though. I like a few hills and gnarly trees in my landscapes, and the farmers seem to be quite happy without them. Maybe this is why my rural friends back in Yorkshire complained about their land being not much use except for grazing sheep.

Wheel Marks in Fields of Cheshire

Many Yorkshire folk had even given up on shearing their sheep. It was too much bother. No money in it. And when Yorkshire folk say there’s no money in it, you can be sure of it.

So Cheshire is Cow Country. Lots of them. Dairy is big business. Milk, Yogurt, Cheese … Beef. How do you say Moo with a Cheshire accent?

White and Brown Cow of Cheshire

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