Exploring Cheshire

Exploring Cheshire: Lyme CarportGreater Manchester is rather built up. So, if I want to go for a long walk in a leafy environment, I have to head out of the city and into Cheshire or Derbyshire. The missus and I either flip a coin or opt for a “mild and pastoral” or “cold and hilly” choice. In a vain attempt at catching up in this photo-blog, I bring you a selection of photos from my travels, exploring Cheshire.

Fishing on the Canal

Cheshire, being largely flat and rural, is a place of tranquillity. It’s also a place of Range Rovers, green wellies and the occasional footballer in a sports car. Okay, I generalise. But I guess you could say that it’s the nearest thing us Northerners have to Surrey.

Weir on River Weaver

Having lived in and photographed Yorkshire for many years, photographing Cheshire is a bit of a challenging prospect. When shooting landscapes, most of your photo tends to be across the middle, with the top and bottom reserved for sky and grass. This means I have to actually think a bit harder about composition, whilst simultaneously avoiding the cow pats.

Derelict Boat at Dutton Locks

As I’m not great at multi-tasking, this thinking malarkey has proven quite difficult. So, I’ve had to develop a different strategy. I’m now seeking out interesting objects — which is harder than it sounds when most of your immediate environment is fields of cows.

Horses Near Acton Bridge

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