Dunham Massey

Georgian Dunham Massey Hall

Dunham Massey is yet another stately home and gardens with a deer park, not far from Tatton Park in Cheshire. We took out National Trust membership, when we realised just how many of these places we’ve been to over the last few months.  Unfortunately, the gardens all looked rather dormant—apart from the Rose Garden.

Pink Roses at Dunham Massey

Learning my lesson, and keeping my distance from any stag I saw, I managed to get a few nice snaps of the Fallow deer in the grounds, including a few fawns, but they tended to be more shy than their red relatives and kept away from the tourists.

Fallow deer fawn at Dunham Massey

…which is more than can be said for the inevitable rogue stag, which put on a show for a group of us wandering down one of the manicured avenues.

Fallow deer stag at Dunham Massey

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