Delamere Forest

Delamere Forest

Since I moved to South Manchester a few months ago, I’ve been popping over the border to neighbouring Cheshire regularly. On a recent visit to Chester (Tarvin, to be precise), I was brought to Delamere Forest for a bit of fresh air and exercise, after lunch.

The forest is pretty big, by English standards, with some pretty impressive trees. It also includes a few lakes of varying sizes. One of them goes by the glamorous name of Dead Lake. I’m not sure if this is the one in the photo below, although I might be excused for concluding this from the collection of tree parts at its shore.

Delamere Lake

I hope that the British government sees sense and gives up on the notion that forests should be sold off to private companies or individuals. Nothing good can come from this. Forests are the world’s lungs. I wouldn’t trust my lungs with a businessman.

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