Cheshire in Winter

Cheshire in Winter: Ice on a Lake

If you think Cheshire is all fields of cows, go on a walk through Delamere Forest in Cheshire in Winter. Delamere Forest is 2,500 acres of deciduous and evergreen forest, and contains several lakes and rough paths. It was once a huge hunting estate, covering sixty square miles. But the landlords returned it to public ownership in the nineteenth century.

Even though it is a managed estate, run by the Forestry Commission, they have managed to stop it becoming too tame. So it’s possible to feel that you are getting back to nature, and you are wandering around real countryside. Of course, you’re never far from a tea shop. They’re not complete barbarians in Cheshire.

Cheshire in Winter: Lake Panorama

It’s a popular spot for outdoorsy types, like horse riders and mountain bikers … as well as dog walkers and landscape photographers with an affinity for the occasional panorama.

No, it’s not a panoramic. It’s a panorama.

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