Another Unproductive Summer

Serious Cows

Another unproductive summer. After browsing through last year’s summer images, I came up with only a handful of note. This happened the previous year too. I’m not sure why this happens. Maybe I’m too busy doing other things?

Summer Revellers on Formby Beach

It’s partly down to real life getting in the way of important things, like photography. It’s partly a lack of inspiration. It’s partly having less room in my head for hobbies, with all the other stuff going on. It’s partly making up excuses.

Dog Walkers on Formby Beach

It’s quite depressing, looking through pages of dull images. It makes one wonder why one bothers at all. Occasionally, we get a flash of inspiration, or find a subject which provokes a creative response. Sometimes, it goes walkabout for an extended holiday.

Barge Wreck

Fortunately, the muse usually returns — often without warning. The gestation period varies dramatically, so it’s impossible to say when the light bulb will ignite. The only hope is that it will. Often, the catalyst is something completely unrelated to photography.

Sunset in Andalusia

I’ve become a lot more relaxed about creator’s block in recent years. Worrying about it doesn’t seem to help. So I won’t stress about it. I’ll just try to be patient, and keep on putting myself in front of potential subjects. One of these days, the penny will drop again…

The Alhambra, Granada

4 thoughts on “Another Unproductive Summer

  1. Meike

    A good set of great pictures here, thank you! As for creativity block, do you also find that the muse tends to visit at the most inopportune time, when you really are so busy with work and other stuff that you can not follow the muse’s call as quickly and thoroughly as you’d like?

  2. Keith Nuttall Post author

    Not really. I find that the muse usually returns when I’m not so busy or stressed. I think I need a ‘clear desk’ in my head. 🙂

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