Keith Nuttall

YPhotography features photos of my native North of England, and some from my travels abroad. Many come with commentary, which is sometimes informative and not usually very serious.

My photographs can be pictorial, humorous, or artistic. I don’t usually stage my photos — I prefer to photograph interesting and beautiful subjects as I find them, but I try to make dramatic or thought-provoking images.

I took up photography over 30 years ago, while growing up in Lancashire. I did the whole bedroom darkroom thing in my teens. I lost focus on the craft while I developed my career and family [do you see what I did there?], but, once the kids got older, my enthusiasm for photography returned.

Latterly, I’ve provided stock photography for newspapers, books and calendars. I’ve sold prints and cards. I’ve had work published, and lectured on photography (see the Articles section). I’ve even won the odd competition (but I’m not very competitive).

I lived in Yorkshire for 27 years, so you’ll see lots of photos from God’s Own County. Expect to see more from the North West from now on. Please, do comment on my photos, or drop me a line!

If you would like to use any of my images, or hire me for a project, please contact me.

Keith Nuttall
Somewhere near Manchester