Keith Nuttall (YPhotography)

My name is Keith Nuttall. I was born and raised in Lancashire, in the North West of England, where I developed a keen interest in photography in my youth, in the seventies and eighties.

For 20 years, I concentrated on work and family. But, by 2006, I’d cleared enough room in my head for photography, and I started making photos again. These are the images you see at YPhotography.

I’ve always preferred wild and candid subjects. This could be a desire to preserve and relay the beauty of the natural world, and show the quirkiness of “civilisation”. So I don’t normally stage my photographs. I prefer to capture interesting, odd and beautiful subjects as I find them. Hopefully, I make dramatic, thought-provoking or amusing images.

Since my renaissance, I’ve provided photographs for newspapers, books and calendars, sold prints and cards, been published in magazines, lectured on photography, and I’ve even won the odd competition (though I think competitions are a bit silly).

While you browse this website, please, do comment on my photos, or drop me a line. If you would like to use any of my images, please contact me.

Keith Nuttall
Somewhere near Manchester