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The Great Thaw

Canadian canoe and frozen pond

As I readied for my departure from Canada, the ice was starting to melt. The snow piles were shrinking, and the pond ice was receding. The ubiquitous yellow-brown grass was starting to show signs of green. In the city, people were happy to walk the streets again, free from the protection of the +15 skyways, some even wearing t-shirts... [see more]

A Horse out of Farmland

A Horse out of Farmland: Calgary horse sculpture

Continuing the theme of public sculpture, this ‘mechanical farm horse’, made from farm machinery, sits on Stephen Avenue, close to one of the pedestrianised shopping streets in downtown Calgary. In the UK, it would be considered a Health and Safety nightmare by some, as it’s easy to walk into, if you’re not looking where you’re going... [see more]