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Didsbury Floodplain

Didsbury Floodplain: Fletcher Moss park

While looking for potential homes, before our Yorkshire exodus, I looked at houses near the river Mersey, but was a bit nervous. I found a government website which showed just how much rivers flooded nearby land. The Didsbury floodplain did indeed stretch perilously close to some of the southernmost streets... [see more]

Cats of Croatia

Cats of Croatia 3

I’m not a dog person. I like some dogs, but, generally, I can manage without, thanks. I’m more of a cat person. We have two cats, and, before that, we had another two cats. So, I guess I get the Cat Certificate. Whenever I see a cat on the street, I am sensible enough to give them the distance they deserve, and the cats of Croatia like their space... [see more]