Trees and Sky at Lyme Park

Sometimes I struggle with the miscellany of photographs I collect from different places. In December last year (yes, I’m that behind), I took the family to Lyme Park in Cheshire and Holywood in Northern Ireland—neither places particularly photogenic, but both providing odd images which sit unloved on my hard drive... [see more]

Stanage Edge

Stanage Edge 1

I’d heard the name Stanage Edge a few times, when talking about the Peak District, but I knew it wasn’t just down the road, and that’s about all I knew. I also knew it was near a place called Hathersage, and that I hadn’t got a clue where Hathersage was... [see more]

Didsbury Floodplain

Didsbury Floodplain: Fletcher Moss park

While looking for potential homes, before our Yorkshire exodus, I looked at houses near the river Mersey, but was a bit nervous. I found a government website which showed just how much rivers flooded nearby land. The Didsbury floodplain did indeed stretch perilously close to some of the southernmost streets... [see more]