Aberdyfi Beach: August Bank Holiday (1)

There are plenty of weird British traditions, but one of the best has to be the August Bank Holiday Weekend. This is a time when everybody is expected to leave their homes, and head for a guest house or holiday cottage, preferably all leaving at the same time in order to create traffic chaos.

I normally opt out of this strange custom, but, this year, I joined in, and headed down to the Welsh seaside.… See more

United Kingdom: Scottish, Welsh & English flags

The future of the United Kingdom will be decided by the Scots tomorrow. For the first time since the independence of Irish Republic in 1922, the UK may get smaller, or it might not.

North Americans, who for years have called the UK “England”, might finally be correct, if the Scottish get their republic. Is it sensible to call a union between Ulster, Wales and England a “United Kingdom”?… See more

Aberdyfi Skyline

Back in Aberdyfi again. We just can’t keep away from the place. This time we picked the busiest weekend of the year, as you can see from the beach photograph, above.

This is the closest we got to a summer holiday, this year. Everybody say: “ah”! It’s okay, I don’t need any sympathy—I finally got to move house this summer.… See more

Another Place at Blundellsands

After our abortive day trip to Southport, we plumped for the safe bet of Blundellsands, at nearby Crosby. It was here, a couple of years ago, that I first saw Antony Gormley’s Another Place, a series of iron statues on the beach, collecting rust and barnacles with the passing of time. It was still windy, but sunny.

We had the added bonus of a junk food kiosk on the promenade, as well as a bit more to do on the beach, besides looking for shells.… See more

Southport Pier

Having spent a small fortune on moving house this year (anyone want the shirt off my back?), we decided to forego a summer holiday. Instead, we spent a couple of weeks taking it easy, and going on a few day-trips. One day, we fancied a traditional day at the seaside, so Southport seemed like a natural choice.

We’d been once or twice before, a long time ago.… See more